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Meet The Alliance

Certified Fitness Experts

Get ready to groove with us! Our instructors believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Trust us when we say that we will meet you where you are in your practice, and encourage you to grow and become the best version of yourself. Come join our community and let's start grooving together!


"Develop new connections through the energy of your light"

With a deep passion for Kundalini Yoga and a unique ability to infuse light and positivity into every session, she's a 'light maker.' Rebecca's love for Kundalini music adds a special rhythm to her classes, making every practice a unique and soul-enriching experience

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"The joy I find in having a positive impact on someone's day cannot be put into words"

Food and fitness lover, Ayse will help you find your wellness journey. Oh, and she absolutely adores Christmas lights! But, most importantly, she is dedicated to making a positive impact on your day, no matter what. 

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"In search of any Fountain of Youth"

When she's not pursuing beauty secrets, you can find her at our unique fitness studio, Groove ByB. Plus, Bianca doubles as a Spinning coach at Spark Zurich, bringing her expertise to your fitness journey. Join her and discover the secrets to looking and feeling your best.

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"Sometimes life demands a shift in perspective, and I'm committed to making that change."

She's a trailblazer of authenticity and self-expression, offering guidance on a mindfulness journey through yoga and meditation. Join Hailey for a path of self-discovery and tranquility as she redefines wellness and self-discovery. 

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"Let's dance our way to fitness!"

Mariya found her rhythm in the city of Zurich after moving from UK. When she's not igniting energy on the dance floor, you can find her exploring city life, jet-setting to new destinations, or diving into the serenity of yoga and health practices. Join her for a Groove session and let's dance our way to fitness and joy together!

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"Yoga became a sanctuary"

Yoga entered my life in my late teens, initially as a way to manage anxiety and stay grounded. Inspired by its profound impact on my well-being, I pursued my 200-hour yoga teacher training at House of Om in Bali, and I furthered my knowledge with specialised trainings, including Yin Yoga (60 hours), Yoga Nidra (30 hours), and Pranayama (50 hours) with Bodsphere

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"Let's embark on this adventure together"

Whether gracefully flowing through yoga, carving slopes on skis or expressing creativity as an artist, Sarah is always in tune with her inner rhythm. Join her for a burst of energy, witness her agility in gymnastics, and believe in magic with her unicorn spirit. She'll guide you on a journey of self-discovery and joy!

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"I am full of energy"

With a Master of Sports in Russia, Marina used to practice rhythmic gymnastics professionally. These past years, she has been coaching gymnasts and offering a variety of different group classes at various studios in Zurich. She's full of energy and she will definitely love to share with you during her Groove classes!

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